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Our Stepping Stones to success; Respect, Honesty, Creative, Inspire, Encourage

A warm welcome to the website of Halwill and Ashwater Primary Schools, Beaworthy, Devon. Halwill Primary School 01409 221476. Ashwater Primary School 01409 211228.




The core curriculum subjects are: English, Maths, Science, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Religious Education (R.E.).


English, Maths and Science are taught mostly in the mornings with the foundation subjects being taught in the afternoons.


The foundation subjects are Design and Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education (P.E.). These are planned on a four year rolling programme for Key Stage 2 and a two year rolling programme for Key Stage 1.


Ashwater School will continue, as we have done in the past, to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum catering for the abilities and interests of all pupils.


The curriculum is presented to our children in an integrated manner through cross curricular themes promoting a healthy spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive and physical development, regardless of race, religion or gender.


Religious Education is given in accordance with the Local Education Authority Agreed Syllabus. In accordance with Section 24 of the 1944 Education Act, parents have the right to withdraw their child from attendance during religious worship.