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Heatree Activity Centre, Manaton 2018

The Year 5 and Year 6 children had the most enjoyable time on the traditional, Ashwater, biennial, residential-adventure trip.

On the day of arrival at the remote site, the children had to learn and develop a number of skills- including bird watching, rambling, foraging and enjoying finding out about a local myth.

The second day was action packed from the start- and apart being great fun it also involved being taught how to use a kayak- canoe safely. The children got quite wet -(soaked!) but it was such a great experience!

The fun didn't stop there- as Ashwater's adventurous team ended up on the High Ropes for the afternoon.

On the final day, the focus was all about team challenges- the instructor Meghan called it-a quest mission.

The tenacious group all succeeded in finding the missing pictures- which gave them the instructions on how to create a rocket flare.

The home-cooked food was delicious, (as always,) including the midnight feasts around the camp fires in the evening- s'mores and toasted marsh mallows were served, such great fun and perfect memories.

Heatree staff looked after the children and staff well and it was quite sad to leave the beautiful surroundings. 

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Heatree 2018