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Junior Class

Welcome back to the Junior class we hope you had an enjoyable summer holiday break.

The class will certainly seem different this term and we will miss the past year 6 pupils, but we wish them lots of luck and send our best wishes for a successful time at Holsworthy College. 

We have an new exciting term ahead with lots of planned learning activities and some changes and at this point we would  warmly welcome our new head teacher Mrs Ruh Alford.

This term, we will be covering the topic of the Victorians and there will be some links to a local study of Ashwater and a celebration of the events that took place during WW1 as it will be a centenary. If you have any interesting Victorian objects or artefacts, or information about Ashwater to share-please let Mrs Gleed know.

A new current timetable will be on the curriculum area web site, as well as the learning map for this terms and future terms work;  so that you can support your child at home with research and home projects.

We will be looking forward to seeing everyone soon. 

If you have any spare time to support the class with reading or art please let Mrs Gleed know

Mrs Carole Gleed Class Teacher

Mrs Louise Watts Part Time Teacher

Mrs Alison Clark French Teacher

Mr Scott Hayler Budehaven Sports Coach

Volunteers Mrs Marriot and Mrs Jennings

STEM Activity

Recently, Ashwater juniors had a great opportunity and experience using equipment loaned by the Bideford Museum. The materials were donated by lottery funding.

The children used various components  which enabled and allowed the children to make models with wood and card.  Mechanical machinery, was part of another fun activity. 

The children went on to write reviews and evaluations about the Engineering boxes.

Carey Federation Engineering

Carey Federation Engineering  1
Carey Federation Engineering  2
Carey Federation Engineering  3
Carey Federation Engineering  4
Carey Federation Engineering  5
Carey Federation Engineering  6
Picture 1 Carey Federation Growth Mindset Day
Picture 2 Federation Whole schools gathering
Picture 3 Everyone enjoyed the activities
Picture 4 Clip and Climb Exeter
Picture 5
Picture 6 Growth Mindset Activity
Picture 7 Tests of mindset at the Clip and Climb
Picture 8 Growth mindset sharing ideas
Picture 9 Clip and Climb activity centre Carey Trip
Picture 10 Using cotton buds to paint shapes
Picture 11 Plate decoration
Picture 12 Competition Winners
Picture 13 Design and Make class projects

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

We do hope you had a wonderful Easter break and that you are looking forward to the busy term ahead.

We have lots of exciting things planned, including the Heatree Residential Trip for the older Year 5 and 6 Juniors. Our Topic this term is Geography based, and it covers Mountains and Volcanoes and Rivers. We do hope you can support you children's learning in researching and with their homework tasks.*See this terms learning map and planning as well as the other curriculum information to give you some further information.

There will be Sports day in mid June; and the other new dates will be given in the updated newsletter.

I will be continuing to run the popular gardening club on a Thursday and we will begin next week. I am also running an after school booster club with the hope that I can support the older children for their SAT tests.

This term has started off without Mrs. Moon and we hope that she makes a speedy recovery but at the same time we welcome Mrs Hazel who has been supporting the junior class in her absence.

Please feel free to ask any questions about your child/children and let us know if there are any queries.

Mrs Carole Gleed 


Welcome to the Junior Class!


Upcott Grange Visit

Upcott Grange Visit  1
Upcott Grange Visit  2
Upcott Grange Visit  3
Upcott Grange Visit  4
Upcott Grange Visit  5
Upcott Grange Visit  6
Derek Gow gave us a great experience on his nature reserve. He does so much conservation work and it was delightful to see so many mammals including beavers, otters, dormice and shrews.

Bikeability October 2016

Bikeability October 2016 1
Bikeability October 2016 2
Bikeability October 2016 3
Bikeability October 2016 4
Bikeability was challenging but the juniors did so well. Ian the instructor was impressed by the level of focus this year. Well done!

Ashwater's Queen's Birthday celebration

What a wonderful celebration for the Queen's 90th Birthday, a very big thank you for all the support from the community. Everyone enjoyed seeing the red, white and blue bunting and a matching long line of street party style tables that were decorated with pink aqueligia flowers. The children and adults all dressed up for the royal occasion. Fun was had by all, especially eating the delicious buffet lunch.

Our singing entertainment was appreciated and everyone joined in with the Royal art and craft activities; followed by a game of rounders. All the adults were invited to join in!

Just to complete the glorious day we were so delighted to welcome Parish Councillors VIP's Barry Parsons and Michael Taylor who kindly presented Ashwater children and the pre-school their £5 commemorative coins.

The Spaghetti Challenge

Well done to Keeley, Harriet and Lauren for winning a cheque for £25 for the school. We had a presentation ceremony in the school hall. The girls were praised  for their spaghetti structure that held the most eggs. Phillip and Ziggy presented a framed certificate to display. A photo will appear in the local Holsworthy Post paper.


Super Sports Day!

Well done the Emerald team for all your sports day achievements. But a special well done to all the other teams, the scores were so close this year.  Luckily the weather held out and all the days events went ahead. It was great to see so many people at the event.

Thank you to our wonderful PTFA for organising a raffle, a barbecue and supplying other tasty snacks they were delicious.

The children also enjoyed receiving the choc ices and Solero lollies.


Heatree June 2016

Heatree June 2016 1
Heatree June 2016 2
Heatree June 2016 3
Heatree June 2016 4
Heatree June 2016 5
Heatree June 2016 6
Heatree June 2016 7
Heatree June 2016 8
Heatree June 2016 9
Heatree June 2016 10
Heatree June 2016 11
Heatree June 2016 12
Heatree June 2016 13
Heatree June 2016 14
Heatree June 2016 15
Heatree June 2016 16
Heatree June 2016 17
Heatree June 2016 18
Heatree June 2016 19
Heatree June 2016 20
Heatree June 2016 21
Heatree our  2 yearly residential was enjoyed by everyone this year. The instructors enable everyone to achieve to the best of their ability. Lots of challenge in the Kayaks, high ropes and the teamwork. Well done juniors for all your efforts.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6

The juniors enjoyed sharing a range of books with infants and it was great when many parents joined in with the fun and book activities. Sarah Leach from Usborne books came in to join us and many children were able to spend their book tokens. As a result of the people buying Usborne books the whole school will be receiving some more new books. A very big thank you to all those who have supported the day.



Farm to Fork 4/2/16

Farm to Fork 4/2/16 1
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 2
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 3
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 4
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 5
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 6
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 7
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 8
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 9
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 10
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 11
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 12
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 13
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 14
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 15
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 16
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 17
Farm to Fork 4/2/16 18
The juniors had a great time behind the scenes at Tesco store Launceston. They made bread rolls, held fresh fish and sampled some of the delicious cheeses, fruits and vegetables. A wonderful sensory learning experience and such a lot to find out. The children were given a view of the huge baking ovens and then were taken in to experience the extreme temperatures in the fridges and freezers. The staff at Tesco's made the juniors felt like VIPS for the morning and they can't wait to go again.

Guided reading

Guided reading  1 Y5 Getting into the role of the WW2 book.
Guided reading  2
Guided reading  3 Y6 further extension of guided reading.
Guided reading  4

WWII- Topic work

WWII- Topic work   1 Mixed Group work
WWII- Topic work   2 Ordering pictures & dates in order of event.
WWII- Topic work   3
WWII- Topic work   4
WWII- Topic work   5

On Tuesday 5th of January 2016, years 1 & 3 went on a wonderful trip to the pantomime to Plymouth to see Cinderella. It was another really great opportunity to meet up with the children from Halwill as a part of the federations SMCS trips.


"It was really funny and i liked the two sisters the best, because they were REALLY FUNNY."  Year 1 Pupil

"I really enjoyed meeting up with my other friends i have made from Halwill". Y3 Pupil



Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Art 4
Art 5
The infants used pastels and chalks to recreate portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso.

G & T Art Day At Shebbear College

G & T Art Day At Shebbear College 1
G & T Art Day At Shebbear College 2
G & T Art Day At Shebbear College 3
The giant bugs were created at Shebbear college by Taylor Wood, Rosie Seymour and Shannon Willetts. 

The papier mache Greek pots have  been sent home today. It will be good to see if the Greek patterns and details can be finished at home.


This has been a very busy term and we have had such a lot of new exciting experiences. The Greek topic has been enjoyed by the class; particularly learning about the ancient myths of Theseus  and the Minotaur and Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa. The Greek characters have inspired lots of sketching and 3d clay models. This term papier mache Greek pots have been great work in progress.


Thanks to the PTFA for enabling a special opportunity to make a clay pot with Michael, a local potter, who owns The Lone Ash Pottery in Ashwater. He expertly demonstrated how to build a pot using a coil method.

It was an enjoyable day constructing Greek style pots and learning about various clay techniques.

It will take a while before the pots are dried and then they will be fired in the kiln at 1000 degrees. The pots looked stunning even before the firing, with the patterned details and subtle slip colours painted on. The works of art will be returned to school after Christmas and will be on display in the hall.






The Juniors have been working on decoupage; a technique that Mrs Hollidge shared with the children.


The juniors started out with their design boards, they worked out which parts to have raised up. In between each layer they used sticky fixers or blu-tac.


Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery

Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 1
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 2
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 3
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 4
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 5
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 6
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 7
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 8
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 9
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 10
Pottery Day with Michael Taylor from Lone Ash Pottery 11
Super ideas developing using the decoupage technique. The children were creative and artistic, and we have had a range of lovely reindeers, robins, and a fireside scene. We can't wait to see all the finished outcomes.


Keep your eyes open for the recent photos in the local papers.

The Holsworthy Post Photographer has been so busy taking pictures of the Science day (available in the main gallery) and the Christmas Play.

Watch out for some new photos which will be added to this web page.

The 'Play in a day'  was excellent.

Peter Kyrke-Smith the musical director and song writer was joined by Polly the enthusiastic professional actress who motivated the children by teaching impressive improvisation techniques.

In a short space of time, the dynamic duo delivered a winning combination which included teaching a medley of five catchy songs, in a flash, they transformed readers into confident narrators. The story was based upon a Nativity theme with Mary, Joseph and the Innkeeper and not forgetting Yeknod the Donkey and a host of angel characters. The remaining children were singers.

'The Angels who couldn't Fly'  was  the name of the play,  and before long  Peter himself, was impressed with the standard of singing  during the performance practices.  Well done children!

Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery

Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  1
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  2
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  3
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  4
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  5
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  6
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  7
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  8
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  9
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  10
Our Trip to Lone Ash Pottery  11