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Aim High; Be Resilient; Take Care of Each Other.

Junior Class

Learning Overview Amazing America Topic

Welcome back to the Summer Term, I hope everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the Easter break with such beautiful weather; and hopefully it has given everyone a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

This term's topic is about Amazing America, and we will be finding out about differences between The USA and The UK, there will also be lots of new subjects and new areas of geographical study which will involve learning about different landscapes, climates and cultures. Already this week, we have started learning about the 50 states of North America and following this, we will then find out the names of the state cities.

Future areas of learning will include a musical study, in particular, finding out about different types of music that have originated from America such as- Rock and Roll, Jazz and Country and Western - and this could also be incorporated into several dance sessions, in addition to that,  in art and design, we will take a closer look at some Native American arts and crafts, including making various stunning artefacts/structures and a variety of landscapes. We will look at some contrasting building structures.  In computing we will find out how film comic animation has developed, and we will also use the computer to draw images.

In English, our class fiction book will incorporate some American folklore tales. We will also be writing discursive information and factual information which may be about famous American people, their life and cultures.

The topic will also cover rivers and mountains and other contrasting physical features of America. There will also be lots of fun  practical homework challenges which will be set over several weeks.

In maths we will be covering lots of measuring and statistical information as well as problem solving. There will be coverage on time, money and decimals. For the whole class we will be covering geometrical reasoning in angles and and 2d shapes, and  position and direction on grids. We will also look at measures and conversions in problem solving tasks.

In French, Madame Clark will focus on learning about Sport.

In PE this term, we are fortunate to have football followed by Athletics with Scott our Budehaven Sports Coach and Jess Squire the new dance teacher who will take Class 2 for a series of topic led Performing Art Dance sessions.

Mrs Watts will deliver lots of Scientific enquiries which may include studying plants or animals.

It is great to have TA Mrs Hazel working in the juniors supporting the class for a while, and also our regular volunteers Mrs Marriot and Mrs Jennings who continue to listen to readers and support the learning environment. Mrs Alford will still teach on Friday pm. 

All in all, it is going to be a busy exciting topic, with lots of ideas to stimulate class 2, but if you have any other suggestions such as American recipes, craft ideas or questions please feel free to come in and discuss them with me.

Mrs Carole Gleed

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World Book Day

Well done to all the children and Parents for making such a wonderful effort during World Book Day. The costumes were all fantastic and everyone enjoyed seeing the creativity and range of ideas for their favourite story characters.  The children certainly benefited from experiencing a mix of reading activities such as reading for pleasure, book making, word searches, designing book covers and reading challenges throughout the day

Reading is such an important skill and it is great to be able to associate fun learning with the whole school community.

Over the past week, the whole school has been taking part in a reading sponsored task. the money raised from this will help to replenish books in our library.



Happy New Year 

Welcome back to the new term, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year Break and that you will be coming back refreshed and ready for lots of exciting new events and plans for 2019.

This term, class 2 are going to be researching and studying The Anglo Saxons and the class will be able to find out all about this ancient culture and the impact they had on Britain.

Just as a quick summary, our topic this term will be creative as usual and the Anglo Saxons will be used where possible to motivate and stimulate pupils, it will be linked to Art, DT, and religion as well as other areas such as: in literature, we will study legends and styles of ancient language partly through a character named Beowulf. There will be another linked focus on Cinquain and Kenning poetry. All the comprehension- sentences, spelling and whole class guided reading will be part of the other literacy activities.

In maths, it will be consolidating number- in all four operations by deepening understanding and mastering new concepts, We will incorporate a focus on fractions, decimals and percent. We will also be looking at problem solving and recording more accurately and mathematically, as well as developing reasoning skills and talking for maths; and this will be evidenced by using maths in many contexts such as shape- time and measures contexts.

I am really looking forward to a fresh start and lots of new opportunities.

Keep checking for any additional information that will be added in the next week. Booster club will take place on Mondays for year 5 and 6 in preparation for the SAT's tests.


Mrs Carole Gleed Class Teacher




If you have any spare time to support the class with reading or art please let Mrs Gleed know.

Mrs Carole Gleed Class Teacher

Mrs Louise Watts Part Time Teacher

Mrs Alison Clark French Teacher

Mr Scott Hayler Budehaven Sports Coach

Volunteers Mrs Marriot and Mrs Jennings

Clay Poppy Project

Clay Poppy Project 1
Clay Poppy Project 2
The children have had lots of fun and creativity making their own poppy designs using clay. The whole school have been working on the project for a few weeks and it has been great to find out about the different poppy representations.
The Juniors had a wonderful day at Morwellham Heritage Site near Tavistock. They went back in time and experienced rope making and  dressing up in Victorian costumes.  The other activities included attending a Victorian School and learning how to do the four 'R'S as well as going into a copper mine. The day was a fun and enjoyable and made history come alive. 

Morwellham Photos

Morwellham Photos 1