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Aim High; Be Resilient; Take Care of Each Other

Junior Class

Happy New Year 

Welcome back to the new term, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year Break and that you will be coming back refreshed and ready for lots of exciting new events and plans for 2019.

This term, class 2 are going to be researching and studying The Anglo Saxons and the class will be able to find out all about this ancient culture and the impact they had on Britain.

Just as a quick summary, our topic this term will be creative as usual and the Anglo Saxons will be used where possible to motivate and stimulate pupils, it will be linked to Art, DT, and religion as well as other areas such as: in literature, we will study legends and styles of ancient language partly through a character named Beowulf. There will be another linked focus on Cinquain and Kenning poetry. All the comprehension- sentences, spelling and whole class guided reading will be part of the other literacy activities.

In maths, it will be consolidating number- in all four operations by deepening understanding and mastering new concepts, We will incorporate a focus on fractions, decimals and percent. We will also be looking at problem solving and recording more accurately and mathematically, as well as developing reasoning skills and talking for maths; and this will be evidenced by using maths in many contexts such as shape- time and measures contexts.

I am really looking forward to a fresh start and lots of new opportunities.

Keep checking for any additional information that will be added in the next week. Booster club will take place on Mondays for year 5 and 6 in preparation for the SAT's tests.


Mrs Carole Gleed Class Teacher

We hope everyone had the most enjoyable half term break filled with fun.

The second half of this term is set to be busy as well-with lots of planned activities and we are looking  forward to commemorating 100 years since World War 1 ended. We intend to take part in a short service  at eleven o'clock on Monday the 12th of November. At the moment, the children are in the middle of painting poppies, which will be placed on the Village Green. We would like to say a special thanks to the PTFA for funding the clay poppy project and to Michael Taylor for firing the poppies in his kiln and supplying the clay materials.

Mrs Newstead is setting up a visit to Rosemoor Gardens soon. We will be taking part in a weaving and dyeing project.

The school council have been thinking about fund raising for books for our new look library- and for the Children in Need appeal.

Please contact Mrs Gleed if you have any ideas or even skills to share. 

Carole Gleed Class Teacher



We have an new exciting term ahead with lots of planned learning activities and some changes and at this point we would  warmly welcome our new head teacher Mrs Ruh Alford.

This term, we will be covering the topic of the Victorians and there will be some links to a local study of Ashwater and a celebration of the events that took place during WW1 as it will be a centenary. If you have any interesting Victorian objects or artefacts, or information about Ashwater to share-please let Mrs Gleed know.

A new current timetable will be on the curriculum area web site, as well as the learning map for this terms and future terms work;  so that you can support your child at home with research and home projects.

We will be looking forward to seeing everyone soon. 

If you have any spare time to support the class with reading or art please let Mrs Gleed know.

Mrs Carole Gleed Class Teacher

Mrs Louise Watts Part Time Teacher

Mrs Alison Clark French Teacher

Mr Scott Hayler Budehaven Sports Coach

Volunteers Mrs Marriot and Mrs Jennings

Clay Poppy Project

Clay Poppy Project 1
Clay Poppy Project 2
The children have had lots of fun and creativity making their own poppy designs using clay. The whole school have been working on the project for a few weeks and it has been great to find out about the different poppy representations.
The Juniors had a wonderful day at Morwellham Heritage Site near Tavistock. They went back in time and experienced rope making and  dressing up in Victorian costumes.  The other activities included attending a Victorian School and learning how to do the four 'R'S as well as going into a copper mine. The day was a fun and enjoyable and made history come alive. 

Morwellham Photos

Morwellham Photos 1

STEM Activity

Recently, Ashwater juniors had a great opportunity and experience using equipment loaned by the Bideford Museum. The materials were donated by lottery funding.

The children used various components  which enabled and allowed the children to make models with wood and card.  Mechanical machinery, was part of another fun activity. 

The children went on to write reviews and evaluations about the Engineering boxes.

Carey Federation Engineering

Carey Federation Engineering  1
Carey Federation Engineering  2
Carey Federation Engineering  3
Carey Federation Engineering  4
Carey Federation Engineering  5
Carey Federation Engineering  6
Picture 1 Carey Federation Growth Mindset Day
Picture 2 Federation Whole schools gathering
Picture 3 Everyone enjoyed the activities
Picture 4
Picture 5 Using cotton buds to paint shapes
Picture 6 Plate decoration
Picture 7 Tests of mindset at the Clip and Climb
Picture 8 Clip and Climb Exeter
Picture 9 Clip and Climb activity centre Carey Trip