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School Council 2017/18

The new School Council has been elected for the year 2018/19. The children have elected:-

  •  Harry Y6 as the chair person
  •  Maddie Y5 who will act as the Vice chair
  •  Jack Y5 is keen to help support the finances
  • Amy Y4 Secretary
  • Bertie Y4 Secretary
  • Jaime Y3
  • Rufus Y3
  • Thomas Y2
  • Mason Y2

The junior children have been busy setting up new rotas for lunch time routines and they have also designed a chart for daily PE activities. New lists will be placed around the school.

Future events will be arranged at the next meeting whereby the children will be organising new school council fund raising ideas to improve the children's enjoyment at school.

Well done to all the children on the school council. You were excellent at asking  prepared questions to the head teacher candidates.

Summer Term School Council initiatives

Pupil voice ideas

This term, the school council would like to set up some sport competitions and award some prizes; and the council thought everyone enjoys a walk in the village so maybe we could do a village clean up again!.

Look out for some small things like word searches,

How many things can you fit in a match box? See details coming out soon.

Sunflower competition which the community- village children could join in with. 

Amy is going to plan another fun-themed quiz, which is going to available soon. 

School Council Spring Term Fund Raising

The school council have regular meetings and everyone has a chance to put forward new ideas to benefit the school. The children have so far raised £9.20 by organising a book swap and donate. The money raised will be used to buy an insect house and some seeds for the school garden. 

The council would also like the children to be able to have things to play with in the playground and garden.

Chair -Taylor Wood

Secretary- Julia Parrin

Vice Secretary - Harry Wood

Treasurer. -Maddie  Yelland / Jack Moon 

Bertie Hodgetts

Amy Axford

Y2 Logan Sweeney

Y1 Thomas Barr    

Y1 Mason Parker-Groves

Well done School Council your ideas were amazing. Everybody had such a wonderful time doing the activities and raising money for Sports Relief. Everyone especially enjoyed the multi-skills morning and this week certificates were given out for the efforts. The staff were happy to join in with the dance challenge. All in all it was a superb week. Mrs Newstead made sure the whole school were doing moving to tables and grammar with a downloaded version of energetic memory building activities.

Thank you to all this year’s School Council. 2017/2018  its amazing how enthusiastic you all are and how well you are working together as a team; You need to know that you all are making a difference to the whole school. Everyone has got so many ideas and Sports relief Should be a great big fundraiser. ‘What makes you move’ is the theme this year.

Taylor Wood has thought of doing a football competition between the trees and the rivers.

Julia Parrin is planning a dance-routine for teachers.

Watch this space for photo’s