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Punctuation and Grammar

In the Carey Federation, grammar and punctuation is taught in a fun and interactive way through reading and writing, as well as discreet sessions, using the Sentence Toolkit resources.

We believe that context is vital for both grammar and punctuation. If children understand the context and purpose of grammar and punctuation, they will be more likely to use it well, as well as understanding and using grammatical terminology.


In the EYFS grammar is taught by...

  • Developing understanding and use of spoken language,
  • Introducing children to quality texts being read aloud,
  • Encouraging and modelling speaking in sentences.


In KS1 grammar is taught by...

  • Introducing the correct terminology where appropriate,
  • Extending children’s experience of a range of quality texts, fostering an interest in words and word choices
  • Word play and investigation of effects
  • Writing simple sentences, establishing basic grammar.


In KS2 grammar is taught by...

  • Extending the range of appropriate terminology, to include all  key word types,
  • Discussing authors’ choice of words for effect, purpose and meaning.
  • Developing Word play - within phrases, clauses and sentences and within texts
  • Writing more complex sentences, showing an awareness on the reader of using particular word choices