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Aim High; Be Resilient; Take Care of Each Other.

Y1 and Y2 Class 2

Welcome to Year 1 & 2 ........Class 2!

Welcome back everyone!  smiley


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I wish you all a very happy New Year. 


This term our topic is 'Our Amazing World'. In History we will be looking at explorers from the past and comparing them, focusing on Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Our Science work will be looking at the secret life of plants and will include a class trip to Rosemoor, we will be using Multimedia presentations in Computing and thinking about who Muslims are within R.E.  'Earth Art' is the title of our Art unit where we will use natural resources to create art work. This links to 'WildTribe' which the children will have every Tuesday afternoon. (Outdoor clothing and welington boots will be needed each week please). 


Maths doesn't often link, except in science occasionally and is therefore taught discretely. We will begin the term with 'multiplication and division' before moving onto 'statistics', 'length and height' and finally 'fractions'. Year 1 will explore 'addition and subtraction within 20', 'length and height' and 'weight and volume'. I use many games, visual resources, apparatus and problem solving challenges in maths lessons to make them varied and fun. 


In English we will be writing narrative texts based on the book 'Owl Babies' and the short film 'Adventures are the Pits'. We will then invent our own stories around Jack and the Beanstalk and write instructions on how to plant a bean. We also have cross curricular writing opportunities throughout the term which will link to our Science, Geography and History. I use a lot of drama, talk for writing, role play and story telling in my lessons and there is a balance between creativity - encouraging ideas and use of language, and that of accuracy - handwriting, spelling and grammar. 


We have daily phonics and spelling sessions and daily reading sessions. In our reading sessions children will either be heard read 1:1 with an adult, be part of a guided reading group, part of a whole class reading session or work independently on comprehension or phonics activities. We recognise the importance of reading for pleasure at Halwill which is why we plan for a variety of reading experiences and opportunities. Hearing your child read at home as often as possible (we suggest at least three times a week) will support their progress at school. We ask that children read their book three times before it is changed, until they reach chapter books. First to decode the words, second to develop recall and fluency, thirdly to discuss the text and language. 


Children have weekly homework in addition to home reading. This will usually be spellings and a maths or handwriting activity. Many skills need regular practise to fully embed (such as times tables, number bonds, key words or spellings) which is why homework really helps the children. Homework should not take a very long time at KS1, but broken up into smaller chunks over the week. 


We have 'WildTribe' on Tuesday afternoon, where we will be learning outdoors in our Wild for Learning Area and P.E. and French on Thursday afternoons. Please can children have their P.E. kits with them on Thursday and suitable outdoor clothing on Tuesday. We have a tray for drinks in the classroom and encourage children to drink water often. Please can their drinks bottles for the classroom contain only water. Our class bear is called Bella and she will visit your home one weekend smiley. Show and Tell bags are also handed out at the end of the week. Please can the bags and Bella be returned on Monday for the children to share their special items/news. 


If your child is receiving additional support for their learning outside of their lessons, they will bring home an 'Outline of Support' slip which will explain to you the area they are having support with and what their focus/target is, together with suggested activities you can do at home to help them. Many children receive additional support at different times throughout their school lives and this is nothing to be worried about. We are giving them an extra boost to help them and any extra you can do at home will aid that. However, if you are concerned or would like further clarification, please do not hesitate in making an appointment to see me. I am always happy to meet parents to discuss their child's well-being or learning. 


The children's happiness is of upmost importance to me, I want every child in my class to feel safe, happy and secure. If there are ever any worries, questions or concerns, please do make an appointment to see me or call the office to speak to me. I will always work with you to ensure your child's happiness and well being. 


Please see the attached timetable for Spring 2020 below.  


Thank you

Mrs Alix Rothery



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