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Welcome Ashwater Primary School and Pre-School.

We are a very small village school for children aged 2 – 11 years. We are set in the heart of agricultural Devon. We provide a truly nurturing, family environment for our children. An Ashwater education gives children the best of everything they would receive in a larger school as we want our children to grow up to be global citizens whilst enjoying the benefits of idyllic village school life.


We are aspirational for our children’s academic education while fostering their well-being and happiness. This is echoed in our motto which is the bedrock of everything we do:


Aim High; Be Resilient; Take Care of Each Other


Aim High – always aim to do the very best you can in whatever challenges you face and believe you can succeed.

Be Resilient – you cannot succeed without failing so never give up.

Take Care of Each Other – always be kind and thoughtful to your friends, classmates, younger children and adults.


We believe that a rounded education is of such value: one which challenges children academically, encourages children to develop their sporting, musical, creative and computing skills as well as teaching children to be resilient, work as a team, to think creatively and to speak confidently to individuals and groups. There are many opportunities for our children to present to an audience from a young age in non-threatening situations. One example is our weekly Celebration Assembly, to which parents are warmly invited to attend. At this assembly, children are also awarded certificates for one of our Carey Qualities:


‘In the Carey Federation, we are aspirational learners who build

Relationships by being Resilient, Resourceful, Reflective and Respectful


Our pre-school children learn through play, alongside our reception children which makes transition to starting school, seamless.


To promote mental and physical well-being we have introduced lessons for all children in Wild Tribe (outdoor learning), yoga & mindfulness, Sugar Smarts (healthy living) and dance lessons from a specialist teacher in performing arts. These are in addition to PE lessons which are delivered by specialist teachers. We are committed to giving our children opportunities to play competitive sport against other schools as this teaches children how to win and lose gracefully.


We are fortunate that one of our teachers is a music specialist and in addition, children have the option to learn to play the piano, guitar or ukulele. All children from reception are taught French by a specialist teacher.


To support our working parents, we offer all the children from the age of 2, the option to attend our Morning Health Club (breakfast club) from 8:00 am. A variety of after school clubs including football, art, singing, gardening and cookery are offered.

Mrs Ruh Alford (Executive Headteacher - Carey Federation)
Mrs Ruh Alford (Executive Headteacher – Carey Federation)