The Carey Federation

Equality Information

The Carey Federation Equality Statement


We are committed to ensuring and promoting equality of opportunity for all children, staff, parents, and guardians irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, sexual orientation, sex/gender identity (including gender reassignment), and age.


Our aim is to develop a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all those within the establishment’s community can celebrate their identity and participate fully in experiences and learning. Enabling our children to take part as fully as possible, in every part of the establishment’s life, by developing each child’s self-confidence, recognising their strengths, and encouraging them to achieve their full potential.


We challenge discrimination through the positive promotion of equality through learning, tackling bullying, racism, and stereotyping, and by creating a safe welcoming environment that champions respect for all.


The Carey Federation has a firm belief that diversity is a strength that must be respected and celebrated by all of those who learn with us and visit us.