The Carey Federation

Foundation Stage Unit & KS1

Welcome to Summer term 2022!


‘Our Wider World’


Fledglings: (2-4 year olds) Tadpoles (Year Reception) Caterpillars (Year 1) and Hoglets (Year 2)

As well as myself, our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 team consists of Mrs Barrett and Miss May and Miss Batstone who will be with us on a Wednesday, Thursday (morning) and Friday.


As a team we rotate teaching and activities so that the children work within their age phases.


Our topic this term is ‘our wider world’.  Our older KS1 children will be learning the 7 continents of the World and naming the 5 oceans, we will also be finding similarities between the UK and Kenya.  We will also be looking at local maps and exploring the previous train lines from Ashwater.  History this term, is a local study and finding out about the previous railway in Ashwater and the history of trains.


In Religious World Views, we will be finding out about different faiths and a faith community.  In DT we will be making moving pictures and finding out about mechanisms, levers and pivots.  Science this term is growing which is the main theme for our younger children in Reception and Preschool.  In EYFS the children will be exploring how to plant seeds and the conditions they need to grow as well as making observations about plants.  In the classroom there is a rich environment to support the children’s learning including a giant beanstalk.  After half term, the children will be finding out about rainforests.  Please see our Curriculum Intent for more information.


Enrichment – This term, the children will have French with Ms Squire, as well as dance and music on Fridays.  After half-term Wild tribe will be consolidating our DT work on joins, mechanisms, levers and pivots.


PE will remain on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, where they will be working on developing functional skills which they will apply to different games.  This half term, the children will also be swimming on Thursday mornings.  (Please see the School newsletter for more information)



  • In anticipation for the weather improving, if sunny could the children please have sun cream applied before school and bring a hat.


  • For Fledglings (Preschool) they are welcome to change their library books every day, we also have a story time session with the older children in the library every Wednesday.
  • You can send pictures through Class Dojo, to share your child’s achievements from home. These contribute to your child’s assessment and are a vital part of the progress your child will make. This is an opportunity for us to hear about and celebrate your child’s home achievements.
  • Show and tell will be every Monday. A bag will be sent home for your child to choose an item that they would like to share with the class. This could be a toy, photo, certificate or special object. This will help develop the children’s communication and language skills, as well as their confidence to speak in a familiar group.

Tadpoles, Caterpillars and Hoglets (Reception, Year 1 &2)

Please remember to bring in your reading books and diaries every day. Library days are Monday and Wednesdays.

  • Please send your child with their water bottle every day labelled with their name.


Homework for KS1 & Reception children will continue to be set via Class Dojo and is set on a Friday, to be returned /sent into school on a Thursday please. It is often better to do a little but often.   Please continue to read with your child 5 times a week as we have seen great improvements when this is done consistently. Remember, the reading does not need to be the whole book but a page will still benefit. You could also each read a sentence each or read one and repeat it until they feel fluent in their reading.  Spellings will continue to be RWI words that we using during the week as well as common exception words.


Below is information about our new topics, so please take a read.   The happiness of the children is paramount, if you have questions or concerns please come to discuss.


Mrs Cawsey and the Foundation Team