The Carey Federation

School Council 2019/20

School Council members


The new School Council has been elected by the children for the year 2019/20.


The new roles are as follows:

  •  Jack Y6 as the chair person
  •  Maddie Y6 who will act as the Vice chair/Treasurer
  •  Verity Y5  is Secretary
  •  Arthur Y5 is vice secretary
  •  Logan Y4
  • Jayden Y4
  • Kitana Y3
  • Thomas Y3
  • Amelia   Y1
  • Bradley Y2


The junior children have been busy setting up new rotas for lunch time routines and they have also designed a chart for daily PE activities. New lists will be placed around the school.


Future events will be arranged at the next meeting whereby the children will be organising new school council fund raising ideas to improve the children’s enjoyment at school.


Playtime Leadership Roles


Monday Verity Monkey Ball Shadows
Tuesday Arthur Mr Wolf Cat and Mouse
Wednesday Jack Touch Wood Fox and Geese
Thursday Nancy Duck, Duck Goose Statues
Friday Maddie Skittles Snakes


The School Council has set up a new pupil voice box and they are very happy to listen to the ideas from everyone in the school.


The School Council have put forward their ideas to improve the school environment. Please let the children know your own thoughts.

  • We discussed having a reward ticket system for the Juniors to encourage good work and motivation.
  • The children had a Christmas jumper day and they raised some money for Save the Children Fund.
  • The children would like to plant some trees and put in some more bird boxes in the school environment.
  • The garden planters will have some more flowers to encourage wild life.
  • We are going to grow our own potatoes.


The school council were most interested in the recent general election  Y5 and Y6 delivered some excellent candidate manifestos.


The School council discussed raising money for the Australian Wild life Fund after hearing the dreadful plight and devastation  of the people and the wild animals, The non uniform day took place last Friday 31st of January. Everyone was pleased that the school managed to raise just over £50 for the excellent cause. The School Council wish to thank all those people who donated so generously.