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Welcome to Halwill Primary School.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. We hope it gives you a flavour of our forward thinking and nurturing school. Halwill Primary School is in the heart of the beautiful Devonshire countryside and we actively involve ourselves in village life. We strongly encourage our parents, carers and the local community to share in many aspects of the school.


We are aspirational for our children and believe that to have a fulfilling education, we must nurture children’s well-being and happiness. This is echoed in our motto:


Aim High; Be Resilient; Take Care of Each Other


Aim High – always aim to do the very best you can in whatever challenges you face and believe you can succeed.

Be Resilient – you cannot succeed without failing so never give up.

Take Care of Each Other – always be kind and thoughtful to your friends, classmates, younger children and adults.


In a world that is changing, the style of education that Halwill provides is excellent preparation for the future. We are committed to providing the best quality academic education for our pupils. In addition to academic success, however, the world of tomorrow will require further skills. New technologies have already changed many aspects of our daily lives and will, inevitably, alter the nature of society and the world of work. We believe that a rounded education is of such value: one which challenges children academically, encourages children to develop their sporting, musical, creative and computing skills as well as teaching children to be resilient, work as a team, to think creatively and to speak confidently to individuals and groups. We are also committed to widening children’s world and seize every opportunity to introduce children to people from other parts of the country and the world to raise their aspirations and develop their understanding of diversity and equality. Recent examples have been a virtual visit from a Booker Prize judge and a wildlife film-maker who joined us from London and India respectively.


With all of this in mind, the staff and children have worked together to develop our vision which promotes the Carey Qualities:


‘In the Carey Federation, we are aspirational learners who build

Relationships by being Resilient, Resourceful, Reflective and Respectful


We would love to tell you more about our school and let you see for yourself what a special place it is. If you would like to visit, please contact the school office and we would be delighted to show you around or answer any queries you may have.

Mrs Ruh Alford (Executive Headteacher - Carey Federation)
Mrs Ruh Alford (Executive Headteacher – Carey Federation)