The Carey Federation

Wild for Learning Areas

Halwill School Wild for Learning Area

At Halwill School, we are so lucky that 2.4 acres have been set aside as a ‘Wild for Learning’ space.  The area includes a pond, a willow structure, a fire pit, an orchard and a wildflower meadow.

In addition, there are raised beds in which the children grow a variety of vegetables.

Outdoor learning is a fundamental aspect of the curriculum enrichment we offer because we feel it helps children build our core values, particularly: ‘Building Relationships’, ‘Being Resilient’, ‘Being Resourceful’ and of course, learning to ‘Take Care’ of the environment.

All children from Reception to Year 6 receive weekly Wild Tribe sessions in the Wild for Learning Area on a rolling programme so that each child will receive a term of Wild Tribe every year.

On Wild Tribe days, please can children bring in waterproofs to wear over school clothes and wellington boots. If they don’t have waterproofs then some other long clothing to cover arms and legs (not jeans) should be sent in.