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School Council

Ashwater School Council 2019/20


This term the children have been learning how to stand up and canvas for a school council position. The Juniors have enjoyed voting for their peers in a fair and democratic safe environment and hopefully the children will feel that they will be able to offer inspiration and commitment to their contemporaries.

The new chair person will be Jack  Y6 and Maddie Y6 who will be keen to support him.

Verity and Arthur  both Y5 will take turns to share the secretarial and treasurer role.

Marla and Jayden will represent the Y4's pupils voice and Thomas and Kitana who are both Y3's will be offering their ideas and help.

Imelda who is a Y2 and Amelia Y1 will attend regular meetings and share information with Key Stage one pupils.

Such a great enthusiasm from all the new elected members. Look out for future activities and events that they will be involved in.