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School Dinner Menus

Free school meals

School Lunches


Our school lunches are freshly prepared each day at Halwill Primary School using local ingredients where possible.

The three weekly rotating menu includes a main, vegetarian and a jacket potato option each day. The current menu can be downloaded off this page.

Children can choose to have lunch every day, on just one or two days a week, or not at all - the choice is yours. We only ask that meals are ordered in advance where possible.

How to order

Fill in a lunch order form (see below) or send an email to or You can order and pay at the school office or give to the class teacher, for the full half term in advance (our preferred method) or on a weekly basis, ordering by 9.30am on the Friday before lunches are required the following week.

We would appreciate it if you could have the correct money ready and the form completed in advance.

Payment Methods

Please enclose with your form, payment of £2.30 per meal in cash or cheque (made payable to DCC).

Free School Meals

For those pupils on free school meals, please fill a lunch menu in as usual.

Cancelling lunches

Pre-ordered lunches will be cancelled if you inform the office of illness etc before 9.30am and your balance will be credited. 

If you would like further information about our school lunches please speak to anyone in either of the school offices.

Dessert Choices

Please note that there are now dessert option boxes on the menus – can you please indicate your choice 1, 2 or 3 on the return slip.

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