The Carey Federation

Junior Class 2

September 2020

Welcome back to the new Autumn term.


It is great to see that the junior children have been working so hard and the new year 3’s have been settling in to the new routines.

This term the children are loving finding out lots of information on their new Ancient Maya topic. They have been making chronological timelines, drawing a maps and labelling where the ancient civilization came from. We have at least six enquiry questions to follow and this will cover subjects such as the agriculture, religion, culture, Maya Gods, and Central America- Meso America. Already the children have been drawing the Mayan heiroglyphs and making replicas of the Mayan masks.

Our focus this term in art is drawing and in history it is understanding chronology over a long period of time. In drawing, we will be using a range of sketching pencils and teaching many shading techniques.


Reading is such an important skill to master, so therefore practice is essential especially in the juniors. In addition to the wide range of texts we will be studying in class, we hope that the children will continue to become even more enthusiastic to share their reading books with parents and carers for at least 5 times per week. This will undoubtedly help to build their confidence and give them an opportunity to discuss their new vocabulary in various contexts.


In Maths, we are currently looking at Number and Place Value and revising their tables. It would help us greatly if you were able to take any opportunities for your child/ children to keep recalling their tables and related division facts with increasing accuracy. Please could you encourage them to use their TT Rockstars tables online challenge app.


In English, our learning is often linked to the topic; which includes the class guided reading. We will be doing some studies on Ancient Mayan Folklore and trying to write a narrative in this style. We will also be looking at Poetic imagery and writing Science reports.

We will be covering our weekly patterned spellings for each year group, and Mrs Hazell will be testing the children’s recall on spelling and tables a Friday morning. We will be hoping that the children will revise their statutory spellings as this will improve their writing fluency. Occasionally I will upload handwriting letter joins to keep practising.

In art, we are focusing on drawing this term, using shading and texture techniques, so any practise of drawing objects will be great.

We are so lucky to have additional teachers to support the class learning and it is great to welcome Di Stanbury who teaches the children PE, well being and at the moment they are learning to team build and orienteer. She has requested that the children bring in their Welly boots and waterproofs on Tuesdays as they will be outside in all weathers.


We have Madame Clark who teaches French and Mrs Watts the Science specialist. Scott Hayler is our Budehaven Sports coach and this term they will be doing Multi Skills.

The children will need to make sure that they continue to do some homework via Class Dojo.


Later in this half of term, we will be doing some up dated assessments in many subjects including, maths, grammar and spelling, writing and reading and then we should be able to offer additional intervention support to those that need it.


Thanks for your continued support

Mrs. Gleed and Mrs. Hazell

Spring Term 2020

Welcome back to the start of a new year and decade, we hope everyone is feeling refreshed and relaxed after the busy Christmas festivities.

This term we will focus on the WW2 history topic, with a focus on how it affected the local area in the 1930’s/1940’s. The children will have a variety of enquiries to research, using lots of primary and secondary resources including people who can retrace what is was like to live in that time.

Our whole class reading  study, will focus on ‘The Lost Magician.’ This award winning book was set in post World War 2 and it is already proving to be a great read with lots of new challenging, ambitious vocabulary and the adventures into the fantasy world will certainly support the children’s creative story writing. Reading is so important to access the whole curriculum, from time to time, we aim to send the class story book home so that it can be shared and discussed with you. Generally speaking, it would be great to have at least 5 reads at home with an adult  ( a minimum of 3) a week, to build up fluency , pronounce vocabulary and deepen understanding. Other text genres planned in will  look at the true story of Anne Frank’s Diary, which is about Jewish family who had to survive under the German occupation of Amsterdam, the powerful theme will develop writing in a  reflective diary style, in addition, the class will read the narrative Rose Blanche’s viewpoints and use the story to capture a sense of atmosphere and emotion.  

As part of our maths work, it would be great to encourage the children to use the Rock stars times tables programme to sharpen their speed and accuracy. We are going to continue to deepen and master all four operations with increasing accuracy and fluency and use the skills within problem solving and numerous contexts such as money/measures, fractions, decimals and percent.  

In DT,  we will be making Wartime recipes and looking at how the locals Dug for Victory. The class will also be looking at how to make and create 3d Gas masks and Anderson shelters.

The art work, will be focussed on making do and mend stitching and recycling fabric and drawing and making Shelters. The children will study the 1930’s Art Deco style and patterns. They will share drawings and  feelings of people in the war.

In geography, we will be looking at the events and locations of the battles during the conflicts and we will plot the war over the 6 year period. The children will need to recognise various places throughout Europe and the other world wide countries which were our allies and the axis and neutral countries.

In RE, we will be studying  Christianity themes in the lead up to Pentecost, Lent and these subjects will be taught through class and in assemblies. Part of our other work this term, will cover learning about Judaism and other multi-faiths. 

Homework, is given out on Thursday and should be brought in by Wednesday.  PE this term is still on Wednesday this term we are benefitting from Yoga on Tuesday pm’s and Dance/Drama Friday  performing Arts on Friday am.

Implementation world war two

In music, we will listening to music through the ages and focussing on War time music through the 1930’s and 1940’s and songs including Vera Lynne.

The children will compose some pieces of music to match feelings and emotions of war.

Maths We will be problem solving and learning about ratio and measures in contexts. We will continue to work through the power maths scheme and recall efficient strategies in all four operations. 

Science we will be learning about electricity and circuits.

Budehaven PE coach Scott will be aiming to teach the children how to improve their stamina and to be able to play games and learn team skills within hockey and quiksticks.

In Computing we will follow our switched on computing to develop animation and use the programme scratch. We will use apps to develop digital understanding and algorithms. They will be working out the morse codes used during the war.

In French, Madamme Clark will focus on learning and developing French conversations and deliver it through seasons and time.

Topic homework for Class 2

Spring term Timetable 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The children have settled in beautifully this term and it has been wonderful to welcome some new families into the class.

Class 2 are studying Ancient Greece as part of the History topic. Our key question will be to find out… Who were the Ancient Greeks?

We will use a chronological timeline and find out about the key events that took place three thousand years ago.

Over the past few weeks the children have already settled back into their literacy writing work and they have been finding out about the Greek myths Icarus and Daedalus and  Pandora’s Box. They have been listening carefully to different versions of the Theseus and the Minotaur myth. Lots of busy activities are planned for this term such as:-

  • The children will be having a Poetry Day on the 15th of October and and writing about the theme of ‘Truth’
  • The whole school will make a soup and bread and invite the community in to share it after the Harvest assembly.
  • Remembrance Day will be celebrated in school with another community assembly.
  • A dress up day is planned for heroes and heroines and ancient Greek heroes could be a good idea.


If you have any spare time to support the class with reading, art or gardening after school club please let Mrs Gleed know.


Key Stage 2 Staff and team

Mrs Ruh Alford Executive Head Teacher (0.1 Teaching Friday pm)

Mrs Carole Gleed Class Teacher

Mrs Louise Watts Part Time Teacher

Mrs Helen Hazell- part time temporary LSA every am MTA every lunch time

Mrs Alison Clark- French Teacher

Mr Scott Hayler-Budehaven Sports Coach

Gemma – Yoga coach

Miss Belinda Midwinter-Wild Tribe Coach

Miss Jessica Squires-Dance Coach

Mr Rogoginski-Music peripetetic teacher

Volunteers – Mrs Marriot and Mrs Jennings

Intent and Implementation Planning for 1st half of the Autumn Term

During this term we will be continuing to practise statutory words and looking at mastering sentence structures and using punctuating effectively. SPAG Spelling Grammar and Punctuation.

Ancient Greece Creative Curriculum – Autumn 2019

This term our learning will be focusing on asking the question Who were the Ancient Greeks? Lots of the history and literacy learning will be taught through a creative curriculum approach which aims to link learning in various contexts. Most of the first half of term will be finding out about ancient myths through quality texts such as ‘The Hidden Oracle’ by Rick Riordan. During our poetry day, we will study a range of poetic styles, the PTFA have booked a poet who will offer inspiration and share ideas to enable us to write a free verse poem on the theme of truth. The non fiction elements of writing will include researching information whereby  the children will present a topic about Greece in modern times as a fact file and a poster. At some point, the children will be creating plays and performing them based on some of the myths the have been learning throughout the term. As part of our daily routine, we practice targeted  year group spellings patterns in our look-say-cover write-check spelling books and we look at various methods to rehearse and practice learning the rules.  We focus on whole class reading as well as monitoring individual readers so that they can  build an awareness of new vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. The rules of grammar will be taught discretely.

This term’s topic will enable us to study many areas of the curriculum such as multiculturalism, democracy and citizenship.

The children have covered lots of social and emotional aspects of learning through various keeping healthy topics during Sugar Smart lessons. The children have already looked at making healthy food choices and set up various tests and experiments.

  • We will be engaging and embracing our outdoor classroom through the Wild Tribe activities. The children are going to design and make a fire pit for them to cook outside.
  • The class will continue to develop their dance skills and practice performing them in front of an audience.
  • We will be also looking at internet safety throughout the term as well as enhancing their computer literacy and digital knowledge and expertise.
  • Areas will also include keeping myself safe in Food and Nutrition and water, dental hygiene and road safety
  • French will be taught which focuses on the french culture as well as the french vocabulary for naming body parts.
  • PE this term it is gymnastics and football. We aim to enable the class to join in with wider community sport fixtures.

Our Carey values:  Resourceful, Resilience, Reflective, Respectful and Relationships will be taught through regular themed topics in class and in assemblies with an emphasis on being kind.

In history, our learning intentions will be to identify the features of modern Greece and locate places on the maps and to be able to place Ancient Greek events and times on a chronological time line and to understand the concept of AD and BC BCE and BC.

In science we will study light and electricity.

In Maths we will working on Number and Place value followed by addition and subtraction, the year 5 and 6 we will be working on all four operations and consolidating efficient strategies and reasoning. The younger year 3 and 4 will be rehearsing their tables and consolidating place value and addition and subtraction within various problem solving tasks, there will be lots of opportunities to demonstrate reasoning.

The children will use a Power Maths scheme which links to the new curriculum and covers the relevant topics that is needed to equip them for the end of key stage 2 SATs.

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