The Carey Federation


Our Languages Intent

French curriculum statement of intent.

Our French curriculum has been designed to progressively develop skills that will last to enable our children to have a wide variety of vocabulary and knowledge linked to the topics being taught across the whole school. We plan to build upon the children’s previous knowledge and encourage their love for learning languages and provide an opening to learn about other cultures. We aim to develop an interest in learning languages and to encourage an understanding of other cultures in an enjoyable and stimulating way by using songs, rhymes and stories. Our curriculum will allow our children to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions in another language and provide a variety of opportunities to communicate in both speech and writing growing their confidence.


Our curriculum ensures that the children have a high quality French curriculum helping pupils to gain coherent knowledge and understanding of languages and the wider world.

  • We aim to ensure that children have an understanding of spoken and written language from a variety of sources within key stage 1 and 2.
  • We aim to encourage children to speak with increasing confidence and fluency from key stage 1 and throughout key stage 2.
  • We aim for children to become curious learners, asking questions and sharing their opinions through discussions and performances.
  • We aim to develop written language from key stage 2, using a wide range of topics, audiences, varying in purpose and length.
  • We aim to allow children to discover the similarities and differences between languages, focussing on phonetics, word choice and grammatical structures.
  • Pupils will be immersed with specific language and vocabulary and given a range of opportunities to use them and embed them with understanding.


Listening and spoken language

Within key stage 1, children will be immersed in the topics being taught across the year and will be listening and responding to phrases, songs, rhymes and stories. They will be exploring the patterns and sounds of languages through songs and rhymes, linking to spellings, sound and the meaning of words. In key stage 2, children will be building upon this, expanding their understanding and vocabulary, moving into written language and structures. We believe that children should be given opportunities to use their voices with purpose and confidence while broadening their vocabulary. This will also be reflected within their written language work.


Promoting the school motto and The Carey Qualities

In French, children will be encouraged to ‘Aim High’ and build ‘Relationships’ by working collaboratively and creatively, listening to each other and responding respectfully to foster confidence. Children will ‘Be Resilient’ by having a go at using the language and learning from any mistakes made, using it as an opportunity to learn and use other sources, songs and stories to deepen their understanding. Being ‘Resourceful’ will also be embedded within the French curriculum by encouraging children to use a variety of sources to broaden their knowledge by using dictionaries, other sources, books and people to inform their opinions, written and spoken responses.

Our Languages Implementation

We implement the curriculum through carefully planned sequences which enable children to learn new skills and knowledge , whilst consolidating previous learning. Mapping what is taught in each year group, allows teachers to plan for progression. Please see our progression grid below: