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Reception Class

Welcome to Reception – Summer 2022

We hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter Break and that your children have had a visit from the Easter Bunny and have received eggs. At the end of last term we shared with them the significance of Easter eggs as the symbolism of ‘new life’ and in celebration of an important religious holiday as part of their curriculum of ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’.

We continue to have a big focus on learning through play and small group focus sessions. All our leaning is practical based allowing children to use concrete objects to explore and expand their knowledge. In school we encourage all our children to develop their skills to build relationships and become responsible, independent, resilient, collaborative and reflective in all they do. Our children are encouraged to accept mistakes as part of their learning journey and thrive when challenged.



This term  we have a whole school theme of ‘Our wider world!’ that shapes the curriculum we provide for the children’s learning and development.

Class 1 will be exploring this theme through ‘Growing‘ (What can be grown locally and in Africa?)  and ‘Seaside’ (What species of sharks live in our wider world?). They will use rich Fiction texts to create a whole class  Non-Fiction book and also use their imaginations to write stories of their own.  As well as learning about St, George’s Day and  as part of our learning of different cultures and religions,  we will celebrate the Muslim  celebration Eid alFitr. The children will also learn what a very special year this is for Her Majesty The Queen, who became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.


From September 2021, all early years providers in England must follow the new early years foundation stage (EYFS) framework 2021 and Development Matters Non-Statutory Guidance 2021

The key aims of the reforms are to:

  • improve child outcomes at age 5, particularly in early language and literacy, especially for disadvantaged children; and
  • reduce workload, such as unnecessary paperwork, so that practitioners can spend more time interacting with the children in their care.




We continue to progress children’s reading and writing skills by following our  Read, Write, Inc phonics programme of learning. This term we focus on introducing some of your children to Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. For example, there are 12 Set 2 ‘speed sounds’ that are made up of two or three letters which represent just one sound, known as digraphs (2 letters – 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters – 1 sound). For example, ‘ay’ as in play, ‘ee’ as in tree and ‘igh’ as in high. It is important that your son/daughter does not pronounce these as 2 or 3 separate sounds.  They will be encouraged to hold their pencil using the correct grip and shown how to form their letters correctly as well as ‘holding a sentence – writing a sentence’ daily. We will also support their development of reading by focusing on their skills for developing inference (predicting, clarifying, questioning, summarising), such as ‘how a character might be feeling or why a character may have carried out a particular action’. We provide a variety of reading opportunities every day in school and would appreciate your continued support reading with your child as often as possible. This can be through hearing your child read the books we send home, using and sharing books from the library or reading stories to them.




Our aim is to provide your child with a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and to build a sense of enjoyment, awe and wonder for the subject. This term we are supporting children to explore patterns and a number focus on recognising patterns of numbers without having to count, such as a pictorial representation of 5 on a dice, but also on combinations of numbers that bond together to make 5 and 10. Properties of 3-D shapes and exploring measurement, such as time and length, will also be a feature of our activities.

Related activities and games that will support your child with their understanding.


We have Wild Tribe, Dance and/or Yoga on a Tuesday afternoon and P.E. on Thursday afternoons. Please can children have their P.E. kits with them on these days.

We are pleased to be able to return to swimming after a two year hiatus. The children will be taken to and from Ruby Oak Park Swimming Pool by coach along with Ashwater children of the same year groups. This will
be on the following Thursday mornings:

28th April     5th May     12th May       19th May.

Please can you make sure that your child brings their swimsuit, hat, towel and goggles (if required) with them on these days.


We have a tray for drinks in the classroom and encourage children to drink water often. We have been pleased to note that their drinks bottles contain only water and that the children have adapted well to refilling these from the resources in school.

Learning Journey

We aim to capture some of your child’s learning through photographs which will share with you, as they not only provide a record of your child’s learning, but they are a fantastic memory of your how your child spends their time in school. Some of these will be part of their Learning Journey Record, along with other evidence from school and home.

WOW cards are available to celebrate the steps your child has made in their learning at home and we love to hear and share them with the class.





Research has shown that Homework teaches children vital skills such as the developing independence, resilience and self-discipline. It also encourages children to take initiative and responsibility for completing a task. In Class 1, in addition to reading with your child, they will receive additional activities for you to support your child’s learning development at home. This will allow you to have an active role in their child’s education and help you to evaluate your child’s progress in partnership with the school.





‘Cultural Capital’ in Class 1 starts from a position of celebrating our unique children. We aim to help and support them to build the confidence and communication skills that they need to speak up for themselves and to grasp the opportunities that await them. In addition, we appreciate and celebrate the cultural environment of our school in a rural setting in the South West of England but also plan for other experiences by celebrating festivals from other religions to teach them about tolerance and diversity, preparing them to be future citizens of England.


Your  child’s happiness is of upmost importance to us and we want every child in our class to feel safe, happy and secure. If there are ever any worries, questions or concerns, please do make an appointment to see us or call the office to speak to us. We will always work with you to ensure your child’s happiness and well being.


Many thanks,


Mrs Michelle Batstone (Class Teacher) Mrs Laura Beer (Class Teacher)
Miss Becky Steward (Teaching Assistant)

Parents Information Guides

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Class 1 – Long Term Planning

LTP template Year B – Class 1

Class 1 – Medium Term Planning

Reception Summer term intent and implementation planning

Class 1 – Timetable

Class 1 – Timetable