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Class 3 (Y3 and Y4)

Class 3 – Welcome to the autumn term 2023!


I hope you all had a fabulous summer holiday, I can’t wait to hear all about them. Mrs Matthews and I are so happy to be working with you all this year. What a treat to teach the year 3’s again and get to know the year 4’s. The autumn term will include a visit from storyteller Clive Pig and of course……Christmas!!!

Below is an outline of all the exciting learning we will be doing over the next few months, together with some class routines and organisation. I (Mrs Rothery) will be teaching you on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week and Mrs Matthews will teach on Wednesday. We are also very lucky to have Madam Clark teaching French on Thursday, Mr Hayler to teach PE on Tuesday, Mrs Baily to teach Music on Tuesday and after half term Miss Midwinter for WildTribe sessions. Wow!

Across the Carey Federation, we pride ourselves in the way we: ‘Aim High, Be Resilient and Take Care Of Each Other’ and strive to consider the Carey qualities ‘Be Respectful, Be Resilient, Be Resourceful, Be Reflect and Build Relationships’ in all that we do.



We plan the curriculum carefully to capture the interest of the children and build upon prior knowledge. Forging cross curricular links, where possible, helps to provide context and meaning to children’s learning.

‘Light’ will be our Science topic, with opportunities to work scientifically within the content taught. Pupils will start by considering light sources, reflection, mirrors and move onto shadows, sun safety and investigate different materials.

We are travelling back 5000 years in History to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. Our learning will have a focus on significance, interpretation, sequencing, evidence and enquiry as we learn who the Ancient Egyptians were. We will refresh our Geography knowledge of the world by locating Egypt, the UK and re-cap the continents and oceans of the world.

Our Art work will link to our History topic as we develop the use of our sketchbooks to investigate the unique Egyptian style whilst improving our drawing and painting techniques.

DT will also have cross curricular link to History where we will explore shaduf’s in our unit on structures. It consists of designing, making and evaluating to assist technical knowledge.

For Computing we will look at computer systems and networks which combines computer science, information technology and digital literacy.

In Music, each unit adapts an integrated approach where games, elements of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc.), singing and playing instruments are all linked. In our Religion World Views, we continue to follow units within the Devon Agreed Syllabus. The units: What is the ‘Trinity’ and why is it important for Christians? And What do Hindus believe God is like’ will be taught.

Within RSE (relationships and sex education) we will be discussing ‘Safety First’ – online and road safety focus. Followed by ‘Think Positive’ – mental health and emotional wellbeing.

PE is planned for a Tuesday and Friday afternoon and will consist of Games and Dance this term. However, it is always useful if the children have their PE Kit in school for the whole week. Class 3 will have WildTribe sessions on Tuesday afternoons for the second half of the autumn term – dates and details will follow on the school newsletter.


Across the term, in Maths, children will look at Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Area/Perimeter/Length. There is some variation in coverage depending on the Year group. Times tables are a priority. Quick recall of number facts is a crucial skill that supports learning in all areas. Please support your children by regularly practising their times tables, pairs to 10, 20, 100 and basic doubles and halves. Of course, this will vary according to year group. Times Tables Rock Stars has lots of games and will help prepare pupils for the Year 4 Multiplication Check next Summer.


In English, we will begin with using a short film to capture the children’s interest which links to Ancient Egyptians. They will write diary’s and setting descriptions. As the term progresses, The Scarab’s Secret and The Egyptian Cinderella will be used in class to inspire the children to develop their writing and encourage them to apply the various grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting content taught. We will also explore poetry as we move towards the end of the term.


Reading is a high priority. Pupils will have daily opportunities to read and develop the skills within the reading curriculum through Whole Class Reading. We use VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise) including written comprehension activities. Please support your children’s learning by hearing them read, reading to them or discussing what they have read five times a week and initialling in their reading record. It is so exciting that we will have access to Reading Buddies to support independent reading at home. Please can records and books be bought into school every day.


Class Routines

Homework will be posted on Dojo on Tuesday. This will be:

  • Maths challenges through Mathsletics usually linked to work covered that week in class. Once the children have completed the tasks set they can then explore all the other exciting games on these very valuable online learning platforms. I will also continue to encourage times tables practise.
  • Learning spellings. These will be written into spelling journals each week based on the common exception words, (spelling rules will be taught and practised in school) The words will be specific to your child according to assessment. The spelling journals are for use at home to practise spellings but it is vital they are bought into school on Monday for new spellings to be written in. There will be no formal ‘test’ of spellings each week, we look for evidence within class written work. However, I will carry out spelling checks to see how children are progressing with their year group list. A copy of this assessment will be stuck into their spelling journals. The highlighted words are the words the children spelled correctly in the check.
  • Reading five times a week with an initial from a parent in reading records. Reading regularly to develop fluency, comprehension and stamina is essential to enable pupils to make progress across the curriculum, not just within reading. The five reads will be counted each week. So that we can support those pupils not reading regularly, they will have additional opportunities to read to an adult. This is not seen as a ‘punishment’ – it allows us to ensure all pupils make progress.


Children receive stars as a reward point. Rewards may link to our Carey Qualities, it may be for listening well, being independent, great work or home learning, it may be for a lovely smile….the possibilities are endless! Pupils receive a sticker but it is not just an individual reward. They also receive a point for their team (Bells or Owls) which get counted up as a whole school each week, and a counter in our ‘working together’ jar. When the jar is full the whole class receives a treat.


In Key Stage 2 we no longer have ‘show and tell’ or a special bear….but we do have ‘Fluffy Friday’!! Where children can bring in one soft toy to join them in class for the day.


The children’s well-being is of the utmost importance and we aim to create a happy, kind and healthy environment for all. If you have any worries or questions, please do not hesitate in coming to see us. You can message via Dojo but this is not checked regularly, so if it is something urgent, please email the school office to ensure we receive it straight away.


Many thanks,

Mrs A Rothery (Class Teacher), Mrs S Matthews (Teaching Assistant/Apprentice Teacher

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