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Class 3 (Y3 and Y4)

Welcome to Class 3


We hope you all had a wonderful summer break and are looking forward to the term ahead as much as we are! Our topic this term is ‘Ancient Egyptians’. The topic will begin with a flight back to Ancient Egypt complete with refreshments and a visit with Cleopatra! Within this topic, we will explore the daily lives of the Ancient Egyptians, learn about the Gods and Goddesses and their importance as well as the significance of the Nile and many other aspects of this time. In art, the children will learn to communicate using hieroglyphics and create their own Egyptian profiles. They will need to be creative, engineers for our DT which will require them to design and make their own Shaduf. We are also planning an exciting day with Class 2 at Ashwater where Storyfella Clive Pig has been invited to bring to life our Ancient Egyptian learning through drama, song and story telling. Our Science topics Light and Electricity will involve planning and carrying out experiments as well as deepening our knowledge of these areas.


In Maths, we will begin with ‘Place Value’ in which year 3 will be working on their understanding of numbers with up to 3-digits and year 4 going into the thousands. Children really need a secure understanding of place value before moving on to other mathematical skills so it is important to ensure this foundation is really secure.


In English, we will begin with a film unit ‘Tadeo Jones’ and explore how we can use our senses, write similes, metaphors and personification to create detailed descriptions of the setting. Following on from this, we will learn to write stories written in the first person. To do this, we will be using the text ‘The Scarab’s Secret’ which also links to our topic. Reading is a really important part of the children’s learning and we will be starting off our whole class reading with a classic by Dick King Smith ‘The Hodgeheg’. Each week, the children will be exposed to new vocabulary which they will then have at their disposal to use in their writing. To extend their vocabulary further,we will also have a ‘Word of the Day’.


Class Routines


Homework – This will be given out through Class Dojo on a Tuesday to be completed the following Tuesday. This will be a piece of Maths (usually times tables), English, reading and occasionally a topic related piece. It is important for the regularly practise their chosen times tables. I encourage the children to focus on one multiplication table at a time to become really fluent. A great way for the children to practise their times tables is by using Hit The Button or other online games. We will be introducing Times Tables Rock Stars for the year 3’s where each child will have their own login which they can use at home as well as in school (these will be sent home in their homework books). Year 4 will be taking the Multiplication Tables Check in the Summer term which requires them to answer each question within 6 seconds so no time for counting up on their fingers! The Soundcheck section on TT Rock Stars is very similar to the format of the tables check. Our school aim is for children to read five times a week at home. This can be their school or home book, hearing a story being read or shared reading. If you are looking for some inspiration, The Book Trust website is an excellent place to start.


This first half term, the children will have gymnastics and dance classes which they will have on Tuesday afternoons so they will need their PE kit for this day. However, it is useful for kits to be in school all week. On Thursday afternoons, Madame Clark will teach French and Miss Warren will start by teaching Music to the class.


The pupils will have Wild Tribe sessions on Tuesday afternoons, but you will be informed of this nearer the time. The children will be going out in all weathers so please can they have the correct clothing and wellies. Waterproof trousers as well as a coat would be ideal if the children have them. This will be such a wonderful experience for the children and a fantastic opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the great outdoors in this beautiful part of the world.


The children’s well being is of the utmost importance and we aim to create a happy, healthy environment for all. If you have any worries or questions, please do not hesitate in coming to see us.


Many thanks,


Mrs A Rothery (Class Teacher) and Mrs S Matthews (Teaching Assistant)






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