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Class 4 (Y5 and Y6)

Welcome to Class 4 

Welcome – Class 4 Spring Term. We are all set and ready for a busy and productive term ahead. Lots of team work, lots of trying hard and lots of fun.

In Class 4 we all work together to:  “Aim high, Be resilient and Take Care of Each Other.” I think this is one of the most wonderful things about the Carey Federation-  the team work and sense of togetherness you see, not just in Class 4,  but across both of our Federation Schools. It really is true “Every Piece Matters.” Our Motto enables us to develop a familiarity and confidence of the characteristics the children need to become effective learners – both now and into adult life.


This term our Federation theme is: It’s a Mystery! This umbrella heading allows us to adapt our planning to meet the needs of the different Year Groups, whilst also developing a whole school approach to learning. It’s so much fun planning, and even more fun delivering the curriculum to Year 5 and Year 6 children. We deliver an “Aim High Curriculum”  with a coherence from Intent through to Implementation. We deliver a curriculum that reflects the rich and diverse society in which we live. We value our local community, but understand the need to provide children with learning opportunities about our wider world. Learning is further enhanced -where possible -through class and Federation trips. I hope you enjoy looking at our planning grids. They have been developed to allow us to deliver a systematic and cohesive approach to the different curriculum subjects. Planning and Timetables for Class 4 can be found below.


We will look at the legacy of the Ancient Greek civilisation – they were certainly a clever bunch. In previous years, at school, we have tried new and exciting foods from Greece. Unfortunately, I do not think we will be able to do that this year, it will be something that I set for homework. It’s always exciting to try new foods and learn about new cultures. We are going to virtually explore the UK. There are so many wonderful human and physical features to learn about and celebrate. Science – we are looking at all different types of properties. Talking about the different materials we see in our everyday lives will help your child. Talking about dissolving, hardness, durability and natural and man made for example.


Reading is so important on so many levels. Maintaining regular reading opportunities will ensure your child is exposed to vocabulary and texts that will enable them to unlock an understanding of the wider world. More importantly, reading is a great way to relax and take a much needed breather from the busy life styles we all lead. Although we acknowledge the challenges of juggling busy lives, continuing to support Year 5 and Year 6 children with their reading at home is so valuable. We suggest reading with your child at least 5 times a week. Please can you record this in their reading records.

Here are a few ideas of how you can support your child at home:

Read a short section really unpick the vocabulary – link it to our grammar work.

Recount what has happened so far.

The child reads a few lines; you read a few lines.

The child reads silently for 15 minutes and draws a picture of what has happened.

Underline new vocabulary and spend time looking them up together in a dictionary.

Create a family reading time.


I can not stress enough the importance of being able to recall times tables and number bond facts. They support fluency across all four operations ( – + X and ÷ ) which is key to solving more complex word problems. I will set homework that reflects the need for continued practise and repetition. Learning and overlearning times tables strengthens the long term memory. It’s about being creative and imaginative with games and ideas to help. I know as a child I sang songs to learn my times tables and some children have made up some fabulous games already this term. Please can you continue to develop fluency in this area it is so important for the tricky division and multiplication work that we are doing.


There are a few routines in Class 4 that I would to share with you. Just like other Classes across the Federation, reward points are given. In Class 4 they are called Fab ticks. The rewards may link to our Carey qualities, it may be for great work, for a lovely smile, the possibilities are endless.

As the children enter the transitional phase to secondary school, it will not be long before they are catching a school bus to their local secondary school. In support of this, we allow the children to leave the school – once a permission form has been completed by parent/carers – on their own to meet their parents outside of the school gates. We stress the responsibility of this to the children. They are reminded regularly of what to do if their parents are not in the usual meeting place -it is seen as a Class 4 privilege that the Year 5 and Year 6 children really appreciate.

Homework will be set on ClassDojo on a Tuesday to be returned by the following Tuesday.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. If your message is homework related and or not urgent you can contact me via ClassDojo- I do only look at this on a Tuesday. For attendance or general enquiries please contact the office.

Many Thanks for your continued support.

Miss Miners (Class Teacher) and Mrs Skinner (Teaching Assistant)

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